The basic timeline for the processing of all CIMEA Statements is 60 working days (from Monday to Friday).
In case of Comparability requests, the processing time can be reduced to 30 working days by applying for the urgent procedure for an additional fee of € 100.

Although three different services are available on the DiploMe platform, your foreign qualification can be related to only one of them. Since each service has its own cost, we invite you to identify the service available for your qualification through the dedicated tool. There you will also find additional details regarding costs and processing timelines. Alternatively you can this webpage for comprehensive information.

The urgent procedure is available for the Comparability procedure only and it reduces the processing time to 30 working days (Monday to Friday). To apply the urgent procedure an additional €100 fee is required on top of the basic cost of the service.

No, it is possible to select the urgent procedure only while applying for our services and not after the request has already been submitted to CIMEA.

Please note that CIMEA provides evaluation on final, already achieved qualifications. If you have finished your upper secondary school or higher education study path and you only have a provisional certificate, you can apply for CIMEA's services. Please note, however, that CIMEA reserves the right to assess whether the provided documents are authentic and sufficient for the processing of your request and/or to request additional documentation.

If you do not possess an official document attesting the completion of your study path and the achievement of the respective final qualification (e.g. a provisional certificate), please restrain from applying for our services until you receive such official document(s).

No. Requests for CIMEA's services must be directly submitted and managed by the holder of the qualification, and not by third parties, in respect of privacy and in compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore, please note that each registration on the DiploMe platform is associated with only one personal account of the holder of the qualification. No assessment will be processed through intermediaries.

In cases where you possess one or more qualifications that are included in the ARDI database, the service available for your qualification(s) will be ARDI Correspondence & Statement of Verification. In this case you can apply for our Statement of Verification and download the ARDI Statement of Correspondence from the ARDI database autonomously, instantly and at no additional cost.

The Comparability service includes the evaluation of foreign credentials which cannot be formally verified. It is currently limited to those few countries where the verification of authenticity cannot be properly performed under current circumstances. This service does not therefore include the release of a Statement of Verification.

Education History is a section of the application procedure in which you are invited to provide us with the relevant information regarding your study path prior/subsequent to the qualification you are submitting for evaluation. This additional information about your previous studies will help our Credential Evaluators to analyze and assess your qualification more effectively and precisely.

No. CIMEA's Statements are issued only digitally and can be downloaded directly from the DiploMe platform from the section My Requests. CIMEA does not offer a delivery service of hard copies of the Statement(s) issued.